Tropical Vacation Essentials – Our Top 5

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Oct 10, 2020
Author: Kimberley

When the temperature starts to dip and the forecast is only showing colder temperatures on the horizon for the next few months, people tend to start thinking about getting away somewhere warmer for a few days or a week.  It is an exciting time when you start to plan your vacation and the anticipation mounts the closer you get to the date of departure.

While you are waiting for that beautiful day to arrive when you can take off to warmer weather, sunshine, beaches, fruity drinks and relaxation, it is a good time to start preparing your list of tropical vacation essentials.  To help you out, we have comprised a list of our top essentials that are a must pack for any warm and exotic destination. 

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1)  Swimwear

While on vacation you are likely planning to hit the beach or the pool.  Having fun in the water is an integral part of a vacation in the tropics.  So, with that being said, we recommend packing at least two swimsuits each.  That way you can wear one while the other one is drying or being washed.  Especially if you will be spending a lot of time at the beach, you’ll definitely want to rinse out the sand from your suit.  If you are traveling to a very humid climate, (Jamaica)  I would recommend a different swimsuit for each day, unless you have access to a dryer.  My swimsuits never fully dried hanging them up in the bathroom at our resort.

Don’t forget to pack at least two swimsuits for your spouse and the kids as well. I know that everytime we are planning a vacation, I am always looking for a new swimsuit, and if you’re picking up things for your trip in the off season, it might be difficult to find swimwear at Walmart or Target in the winter months.  I prefer to shop on Amazon for these items.  Ladies, don’t forget to add in a beach cover-up as well.   :) 

2)  Sun Hats

While drinking in the warm sunshine it is important to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun.  On your skin, you can do that with sunscreen, but on your head, the best way is to wear a hat, especially if you will be at the beach for the day.  Wearing a hat will also keep the heat off your neck and forehead.

We must remember that in tropical places, the sun can feel a lot warmer than it does further north.  So, you’ll be glad you packed a hat for your trip, and there is nothing to say that you can’t still be stylish whilst wearing a hat.  

3)  Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, you’ll want to ensure that you pack a pair of really good sunglasses. They are absolutely tropical vacation essentials.  When shopping for sunglasses, look for brands that offer 100% UV protection.  Most brands today have UV protection embedded in the lenses.

How do I know if my sunglasses have UV protection? 

Look on the label or in the listing when purchasing.  Make sure that it says it blocks 100% UV Rays or 100% protection against UV 400. Wearing sunglasses will also cut through the glare of the sun and reduce eye strain in bright conditions.

What are polarized sunglasses?

On polarized shades, the lens filter only creates vertical openings for light. This implies that just light rays that approach your eyes vertically can fit through those openings. The sunglass lens will block out all the horizontal light waves. For example, light bouncing off the water or a glistening surface.

4)  Sandals

When on vacation, let your feet relax and breathe in some sandals.  A nice escape from high heels or work shoes and running shoes.  No socks please, lol.  If you plan to spend a lot of time in the water, near the pool or the beach, packing sandals is a must.

But having uncomfortable sandals can take away from your vacation experience if your feet are constantly hurting.  Our suggestions below have your comfort in mind.  If you do plan to buy a new pair of sandals for your trip, make sure that you wear them for a few days or weeks before going, so that you can get a feel for them.

5)  A Day Pack

Bringing a light back pack or carry tote is great for days at the beach or pool.  Also, if you go on excursions outside of your resort while on your trip, they are perfect for carrying all the essentials you’ll need for the day outing or a hiking trip.

The most important thing when choosing a day pack is that it is lightweight and easy to carry.  Long after your trip is over, you can use these bags for day trips to a local beach or weekend getaways, until you are ready for your next tropical vacation.

These are definitely our top 5 tropical vacation essentials to bring, but there might be other things you want to add to your list as well, such as suncreen, very important to not forget this.  Also, waterbottles, especially if you are taking day trip excursions.  Thermal water bottles are best to keep your liquid cold all day long.

If you are planning a trip that includes snorkeling or scuba diving, you might want to invest in your own gear before you go as well.  Many of the resorts have gear there that you can use or rent, but if you plan on doing a lot of these trips, there is nothing better than gear that fits you to a tee and you will be comfortable in, so long as you can squeeze it into your luggage.  

I hope you have a wonderful vacation.  We’d love to hear how it went when you arrive back to reality.  :)

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