Warm Winter Getaways
It is our Passion for Travel that inspires us every day.

Our Story

Warm Winter Getaways was originally started in 2015.

As life happens, and things get busy, the website was kind of put on the back burner while dealing with other life pressing issues.

My sister Colleen has always had a passion to travel and she instilled that same passion within me.

During the Covid-19 Crisis in 2020 our wanderlust has only grown stronger as we sit and wait it out until we can once again travel.

I was inspired to take the time to completely re-design the website and have it ready for everyone to enjoy, because as soon as we are released from the restrictions of Covid-19, travelers will be looking to getaway.

So, we wanted to provide a place for avid travelers to find great resources, stories, travel deals and inspiration when planning their next trip.

Warm Winter Getaways is about inspiring you and helping you plan your next warm winter escape.


Our Mission

Provide Inspiration

Warm Winter Getaways is for avid travel lovers that share our passion.  We hope to provide inspirational content that will help you plan your next getaway

Share Stories

As much as we love the experience of traveling, we also love to share our experiences with others.  We hope that our stories and pictures will inspire you to experience your favorite destinations as well.

Share Great Deals

We are constantly searching for amazing travel deals.  Hey, we have to travel on a budget sometimes, or save for a long time for a really special trip.

We will share the deals we find with you, through our website, social media, and our newsletter.

More About Us

Meet Kim

I am the developer of the Warm Winter Getaways website. Yes, that is my day job.  Web development, design and SEO.

When the kids were small, we took them to Disney World in Florida.  What an amazing experience.  Memories that will last forever.

I knew at that time that I wanted to travel more and more.  As the kids grew up, we started to have more opportunities to do just that.

I feel like the best vacations are planned with family and friends. I learned that from my sister.  😉

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About Kim

Meet Colleen

This is my older sister Colleen with her husband Mike.  Together they own and operate Cabinets Plus of Muskoka.  Colleen is also a bookkeeper for a few special clients.

She just loves to escape the cold hard Canadian winters and she is an amazing group getaway planner.

Colleen has inspired me to think bigger and go after what I want in life.

We always plan vacations together.  Don’t be surprised to hear that some of our family reunions happen on a cruise ship.

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About Colleen

Meet Chantelle

This is my daughter Chantelle.  She is an avid writer and has turned her passion for writing into her profession. This gives her the freedom to work from home and set her own schedule.

Chantelle has a keen eye for website design and has contributed a lot of her ideas to the development of our website.

She contributes some of the articles we have here at Warm Winter Getaways.

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About Chantelle

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